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Biofeedback is a type of mind-body therapy. It uses a simple machine to measure body functions that we aren’t normally aware of, such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, sweating and tightness in our muscles. You then learn how to use your mind to control these body functions without using the biofeedback machine.

In a biofeedback session, electrodes (small circles of metal, cloth or plastic) are attached to your skin to measure different body functions. This doesn’t hurt. The electrodes have wires that send information to a machine. The machine displays the level of the body function it is measuring and gives you feedback right away on your body’s functions. The machine may use flashing lights, an image or a sound to represent your body function. 

A biofeedback therapist shows you how to work the machines. The therapist also teaches you relaxation strategies like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation (tightening and then relaxing different muscle groups), guided imagery or mindfulness meditation. You learn to use these strategies to change your body’s responses, and the biofeedback machines give instant feedback on whether it’s working.

Types of biofeedback

Electromyography (EMG) biofeedback measures the tension in your muscles. Knowing about the tension in your muscles, and where it is, can help you learn to relax them.

Temperature, or thermal, biofeedback measures your skin temperature. When we are scared or anxious, our skin temperature is cool. When we are relaxed and happy, our skin temperature is warmer.

Galvanic skin response,or electrodermal response,biofeedback measures how damp or wet your skin is. Skin is normally dry when you are relaxed. But when you are anxious, your sweat glands are more active and there is more sweat on your skin.

Heart rate biofeedback measures how fast your heart is beating. When you are worried or anxious, your heart beats faster, and you have higher blood pressure.

Most biofeedback sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes. How many sessions you need depends on how quickly you learn to control your body’s responses. Biofeedback can be expensive if you need many sessions to master the techniques. It may not be covered by public or private healthcare.

You may need to be followed closely if you start using this therapy at home. Talk to your biofeedback therapist before you buy your own biofeedback equipment. Some battery-operated biofeedback machines sold for home use may not be reliable or give you the same results as professional machines.

Biofeedback as a complementary therapy

There is no evidence at this time that biofeedback can treat cancer itself. One of the most common uses of biofeedback is to help someone cope with anxiety and reduce stress. Studies have shown that biofeedback can teach people to be more aware of, and in better control of, their body’s responses when they are anxious.

Research has shown that biofeedback can also be helpful if you are trying to regain urinary and bowel function (continence) after cancer surgery. It can help your muscle-strengthening exercises work better.

Biofeedback is also useful in retraining muscles after injury. It can also help in teaching muscles to take over for other muscles that no longer work as they used to.

The most important aspect of the Biofeedback System

is not just measuring the body electric, but measuring the changes.

 Many aspects of the  Biofeedback System, make it the most technologically advanced, innovative and effective biofeedback technology on the market today. Two very unique electro-biological methods are the patented Trivector Signature testing and Xrroid process methods of biofeedback measurements, these combined with dramatic increases in transfer rate, sensitivity and range take the Biofeedback System to new capabilities.

Improving on previous theories which suggested that resistance alone was sufficient to supply this kind of information, a unique system of mathematical algorithmic equations was developed to calculate these signatures in a more accurate and 3D fashion based on three vectors (or waveforms): voltage, amperage, and resistance. This calculation is said to be possible for every unique substance and energy in existence; it is called the Trivector Signature.

The inventor of these two methods discovered a highly effective way to use voltammetric signatures or resonant frequencies of each unique substance to alleviate stressors in the body.

Using a sophisticated software program, a computer and the interface device, thousands of trivector signatures are recorded into the software’s main matrix and can be energetically presented to the client at biological speeds of 1/1000th of a second, using a low- level micro-current; while the computer measures and reports the bio-energetic responses to each of these signatures. The speeds of this interaction is what is patented as the Xrroid process; the 5 minute EPR test can reveal stress reactions to more than 11,000 different items that influence our health.

 The Body Electric

In short, the body is 100% electrical. A vast amount of physiological processes are beneath our conscious and verbal awareness, making them by definition subtle. For example, we are not directly aware of our muscle tension as it builds, nor are we aware of the enzymes released from our pancreas, or the changes in our brain wave. Every action involves some sort of electrical, chemical, quantic, photonic or other energy transfer. These subtle energy interactions, are in fact physiological actions and reactions to electrical stimulus, which can be detected by the biofeedback device, allowing the therapist to bring the information to the patient’s awareness and to train for better control or energetic balance.

The continued measuring and feedback of the system allows us to see the patient’s subtle reactions to words, ideas, items, or any stimuli is what makes biofeedback work. The body is a dynamic system that is never static; for example, there can never simply be one blood pressure, as it is changing dramatically every minute. The reactions or reactivity of a patient to a multitude of stimuli is an important tool in the Biofeedback System’s ability to help clients retrain their reactions to even the subtle, non verbal and unconscious parameters of their physiology.

Other factors which contribute to the  Biofeedback System’s popularity amongst health professionals internationally are its cybernetic loop, and its ability to auto-focus for maximum training capacity. The cybernetic loop is a two-way communication between the device and the computer; it is constantly “checking in” with the client and measuring their progress. The auto-focus function works in conjunction with our cybernetic loop to allow practitioners to individualize their retraining protocols in order to meet highly detailed and specific needs of each client. This function also allows for what we refer to as “passive biofeedback”; the
ability of the Biofeedback System to help retrain a client’s physiological reactions at unconscious / autonomic levels.

The device can also, however, perform more active, conscious “classical biofeedback” or “neuro-feedback” type interventions.

Very few medical, hands on healing, or mental health modalities give the practitioner the ability to see exactly how well their clients are responding to the intervention, moment to moment. The Biofeedback System actually calculates a percentage of change, giving a rectification value, upon completion of each stress reduction program. This is a huge benefit to practitioners.

While the program can allow for incredibly in-depth focusing, it is also exceptionally user-friendly. In most instances, when the practitioner opens a particular training panel the most beneficial biofeedback programs for that client are highlighted, based on that client’s reactions to the test of electro-physiological reactions (EPR). Selections can also be made using our auto-focus feature to determine which program in that panel would be most useful.

Upon beginning most training programs, the device first does a baseline assessment specific to that panel and then identifies what particular stress points have been revealed. For example, when working with the Electro-Oscillation Frequency Program the device will first reveal the strongest reactions to specific brainwave activities and patterns, before commencing the re-training process. In the spinal muscular re-education program, the stressors located in the spine are first highlighted in a stress assessment; the practitioner can then commence the re-training. This education process, unique to the Biofeedback System, is also an incredible tool for practitioners and clients alike.

A New Vision For Well Being

 The Biofeedback System brings A New Vision For Well Being to the global healthcare marketplace. Many clients who receive Biofeedback sessions report that they can “feel” a gentle warmth or tingling sensation during the treatment. This sensation is a result of our 64x increased sensitivity, 12x faster rate of information transfer, 50x greater range of frequency output and 1.5x more amplitude capacity, as well as significant increases in accuracy, range and coherence of the signals delivered by the Biofeedback System.

It’s capabilities are far advanced from any of its competitor devices; in fact, practitioners internationally are trading in other, older biofeedback devices to ensure the best possible outcomes for their clients, using the very best that the Biofeedback System technology has to offer today.

The principles of modern medicine’s “hippocratic oath” (helping professionals should do no harm) are integrated within the Biofeedback System operational design. Its built-in alarm will signal the practitioner when a client has reached maximum training capacity during a specific program.

The device itself will shut down if for any reason the client is not integrating the training in a safe, healthy and satisfactory way during that session.

Who uses Quantum Biofeedback Systems and how can I purchase one?

Previous generations of the technology are being used worldwide by Doctors, Kinesiologists, Dentists, Veterinarians, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Homoeopaths, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists, and many other professional practitioners.

Many people from all walks of life own and use Quantum Biofeedback Systems, depending on their own personal or professional needs.

If you wish to purchase an system and receive comprehensive support and education, please let us know, and we will be happy to help walk you through the process and make sure that you receive all the latest special benefits, discounts, educational and information. Just go to our contact page & let us know.

We truly wish to offer you the best service possible with this new, exciting, most remarkable system.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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